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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 7, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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spreading. neighbors told us it happened very quickly. >> i heard this popping sound and i thought it was the kids playing on the streets and then i heard the guys saying fire on the house. i run out the door and sure enough i see the smoke. >> reporter: what were you seeing at the time? >> a lot of smoke and fires. once i saw the flames i just run out. >> there is a ruptured gas line. we are allowing it to burn till we get it hut is down -- get it shut down by pg&e. >> reporter: we are still back away from the fire as firefighters monitor the situation. we are in front of the school where the neighbors have been evacuated, watching as we all are to see how it will all end. we will update you as the fire and firefighter situation
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progresses. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and one more time here live pictures from news chopper 2. you can see the cars that was destroyed and the house that was destroyed. we will bring you any updates as we get them and we are using an jose and fire when we po developments on twitter. string of smart cars tipped and flipped across san francisco. police are looking for whoever is behib it. >> the first cause -- behind it. >> the first car tipped on its street. the second car tipped on its side and the third a car tipped on its end. a 4th car was discovered later. police think it is also linked to the vandalism. ktvu's david stevenson is live in san francisco. david, in some cases the cars are a total loss. >> reporter: it could be that way. they are still getting estimates done. they didn't respond to our inquiries today but it comes at
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a very upsetting time for one victim. >> reporter: it targeted four smart cars in san francisco but for the owners it is anything but funny. the windows are smashed, the pams scraped and the cars may be total losses. >> i am dealing with this on top of a new baby. >> reporter: her father died in january. >> the fact that it was eco friendly and it didn't take lot of room. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: the vandalism began with one smart car flipped on its roof and another turned on its side in san francisco. >> we received a second call from the neighborhood and this was in the area, the third smart car was tipped on its end. >> one witness described the suspects. >> they walked up to the smart
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car. huddled around it and lift it up. >> announcer: is being -- >> reporter: it is being investigated as felony vandalism. >> what these people don't vandalize they are adding to the stress of losing a parent. >> we heard from another owner. at 6:00 p.m. how it forced him to change his business and how it is making other owners very nervous. live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> this is your average smart car, 8 feet long, 5 feet tall and 5 feet wide and weighs 1800 pounds. you heard some people refer to cow tipping. let's compare that to a cow. the average 8 is 1400 pounds.
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some may remember in the 1960s people were tipping the beetle. they weighted 1800 pounds. we posted a slide show on if you would like it see them all again. the record of state senator -- california state senator leland yee has been erased from the state sents website. they re-- senate websites. they removed the names of all senators in lethical scandled. they -- ethical scandals. they decided to suspect them with pay. governor jerry brown called on all three to resign. parking rates doubled today in the one of the most desirable shopping districts and people have to pay on sunday as well and that is triggering anger and disappointment. ktvu's john fowler is live at broadway plaza. how are drivers taking this? >> it will cost you more to
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visit the stores and the restaurants. a lot of people told us they are getting frustrated. >> reporter: wattinate creek is -- walnut creek, today parking rates doubled to $2 an hour and meter times extended till 8:00 p.m. >> i don't like being grogged. >> some are not -- gouged. >> reporter: some are not going downtown. >> i avoid driving into town. >> reporter: business owners fear a back lash. he says customers are complaining already. >> actually asking us to pay for the parking. [ indiscernible ] [ laughter ] >> reporter: construction eliminated parking spots. the plaza is offering free valet parking temporarily. she has to big deeper and
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meters now enforce -- meters are now enforced every day, including sunday. . >> that is unfortunate. >> the limit is two hours. >> beauty salons and other stores that would be hard. >> they estimate hire meter rates and fines could bring in $2 million a year. at 6:00 p.m. why the city says money is not the reason and how it plans to help ease the burden at least for a while. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the trip congress the golden gate bridge cost $100 as of this morning. they rose the toll from $5 to '6 and $6 to $7 for those without fast track. after months of notice the change took place today. the district says this toll will help trim a $142 million
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short fall over the next 5 years. one of the suspects in a cold case murder in the south bay involving a quilt was denied bail today. the victim was found strangled in her car at the san jose airport march 10, 1989. her body was covered with this quilt. prosecutors charged her husband and his brother for the murder. they are behind bars tonight and pleaded not guilty. the brother was denied bail. animal right supporters protested this morning. the feeding corporation plant was scheduled to reopen today under new ownership. they closed in february and recalled 9 million pounds of beef. this came as the usda accused them of using animals that were sick. the new owner has promised a more humane operation. >> it is pretty hard to humanely killed anybody.
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they have a life and a will to live like anybody else. for me they are no different than cats and dogs. >> the protesters said they would like it see everyone stop eating meat. continuing coverage of malaysia airlines flight 370. it is been one month since the plane disappeared. family and loved ones held a vigil to mark the time that passed. that is where the investigation, two ships searching off the coast of australia picked up signals that could be coming from the black boxes. >> reporter: it has been more than a month since malaysia airlines flight 370 went missing. that is more than the expected 30 day life span for batteries in the black box but still new signs of hope in the search. >> we have a promising lead but we have yet to get the confirming evidence. >> reporter: on sunday a navy ship towing a pinger detected
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signals consistent with those from a flight data recorder and voice recorder twice. the first for more than two hours, the second for 13 minutes. the locationing more than a thousand miles -- location more than a thousand mights of perth, australia. -- miles of perth, australia. like finding a needle in a hay stack. . >> in very deep water nothing happens fast. the sounds were 15,000 feet below it surface. now they are trying to hear the signals again. experts it is similar to this. for search teams there is a cautious yet optimistic approach. >> i don't think in the history of aircraft searches we started with such enact information to identify where the aircraft went in the water.
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it would be a miracle. >> tonight we have new information about the flight path. malaysia airlines flight 370 skirted indonesian air space. officials determined it curved north before turning south, potentially to avoid radar detection. the search has a lot of people wondering about all the large objects found floating in the ocean. the ocean trash could be lost shipping containers. the study shows 10,000 containers tumble every year. some spill their contents into the ocean. some sink and some drift. firefighters found one person dead inside a burning motor home this morning in san jose. they got the call about 10:00 a.m. this morning a fire was burning near the school district. a spokesperson at the scene did
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not have information about the age, gender or race of the person found dead. and take a look at this cell phone video a fewer sent to us. a fire that destroyed a motor home this morning in in san francisco about 7:30 a.m. in the parking lot of walgreen's. no one was injured. the owner was cooking soup when his motor home caught fire. new at 5:00 p.m. a ktvu channel 2 news poll indicates californians are running counter for president obama's approval rating. national polls disapproves of his job performance, 53% of californians approve. 41% disapprove. that is almost the opposite of the most recent national poll. the findings come from a survey
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of 1,000 california voters. dry weather. but tomorrow we will see the microclimates at work. the locations that will see further warming warming and the areas where temperatures might take a dip. >> too scared to sign up for healthcare? the concern that experts say is keeping some people from enrolling in covered california. >> a crucial vote on the future of a hospital in the north bay and whether or not that hospital will stay open. salesperson #1: so, again, throwing in the $1,000 fuel reward card is really what makes it like two deals in one. salesperson #2: actually, getting a great car with 42 highway miles per gallon makes it like two deals in one. salesperson #1: point is there's never been a better time to buy a jetta tdi clean diesel. avo: during the first ever volkswagen tdi clean diesel event, get a great deal on a jetta tdi. it gets 42 highway miles per gallon. and get a $1,000 fuel reward card. it's like two deals in one. volkswagen has the most tdi clean diesel models of any brand. hurry in and get a $1,000 fuel reward card
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be... better... than... slice... after... slice... of... america's... best... sharp... cheddar? nothing. tillamook sharp cheddar, tastes better because it's made better. happening now we are just minutes from a crucial meeting to decide if a hospital will shut its doors. the hospital says it can't afford to remain open. critics say if it close as large stretch of the county
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won't have a hospital and any crashes on highway one would have to be diverted to santa rosa. ktvu's ken wayne is live. there is a lot riding on the meeting and the ultimate vote. >> reporter: some say life or death depending on what kind of condition a patient is in. we are expecting 200 people to show up here at the community church. the meeting starts at 5:30 p.m. most are hoping for a plan to save the hospital, it looks like its closure is just a formality. >> reporter: hospital ceo says it is simple economics. the hospital averages just 8 beds used a day. the emergency room loses $900,000 a year. the lab $800. the board can't find a way to stop the financial bleeding. >> we looked at everything and
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there was not one scenario. >> reporter: kaiser and other larger hospitals in santa rosa offer services they can't compete with. >> that diminishes our utilizization immediately. utilization immediately. >> this announcement was not ever alluded to till last week. >> the california nurses association is fighting the closure saying the hospital board didn't give the community a chance to come up with a solution. >> it is go local. why can't this hospital come together with the people that love it and are loyal to it. >> reporter: residents say they will be more vulnerable. >> we have no hospital or medical services so this is really important to us. >> the hospital is the biggest employer and 242 full time employees could lose their jobs and that could happen by the
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end of the month. after that a task force will try oo it reopen the hospital -- to reopen the hospital. we would have the results at 10:00 p.m. live, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. nurses picketed today outside kaiser's new medical facility. members of the california nourishes association are upset as kaiser transfer services from the old facility it is not provide nothing pate care for sick children. the nurses say the patients will have to go oo oakland or santa clara. >> they need to provide full services for their members. ktvu channel 2 news. >> we don't think it is true what the california nourishes association is claim -- nurses association is claim. they claiming. . >> he said the union is staging
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protests to make inaccurate accusations and says the union refused to address staffing issues. the cost to attend a state university in california is going up. the increase is being caused by something they are calling a student success feel. by the fall 11-23 cal state university campuses will be charging students that fee. the money will be used for equipment, student services and improvement projects. san jose state university by the way is the second most expensive school. fees and tuition totals more than $7,300 a year. scientists with the u.s. geological survey seen a chap rise in small earthquakes -- in sharp rise in small earthquakes where fracking is taking place. several studies shown water forced deep underground can
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trigger seismic activity. [ indiscernible ] >> they would rather let the chemicals devolve the -- dissolve the rock. [ indiscernible ] >> scientists are concerned they could trigger larger one. our weather now. fantastic weekend. it is beautiful. >> beautiful work week. 5 and 10 degrees warmer than they were yesterday. there is no fog along the coast. winds are off shore. by tomorrow afternoon, by wednesday as well, winds come more onshore. fog at the coast and that will cool things off. a warmer day for your bay area tuesday. numbers could get into the 80s. a lookt outside. we have -- a look outside. we have a weather system, this is a frontal system. little moisture. the rides to the north of us. that sets us up with high pressure. no rain. nothing like last week.
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patchy fog lingering off shore. that fog is not going to get in here in the next 24 hours. we will see patchy coastal fog tomorrow night, wednesday and thursday as well. right now, antioch 80 degrees. 80 in all over more -- in livermore, santa rosa. 54 concord. patchy coastal fog north, fort bragg and the coast line. high pressure sits out there and the high pressure is strong enough to keep us very warm but it is weak enough it sulowing -- it is allowing a sea breeze. coastal areas wilt be cooler than today, maybe patchy coastal fog but inland numbers could go into the mid-80s. clouds roll in too. tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. looking for cloud cover. 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night, cloudy, patchy fog along it coast and clouds
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clear out after that. highs tomorrow, 82 clear lake. 82 fairfield. tomorrow warmest day of the week. and then from there, temperatures slide down. you will see that in the five- day forecast. 86 livermore. 85 danville, pleasanton. 85 in morgan hill. 87 gilroy. touching on 90 degrees down here. a big warm up there and along the coast, cooler tomorrow. and then significantly cooler coast side and inland wednesday and thursday. see the drop off wednesday, thursday. not cold. its just not in the mid-80s. upper 80s. slight cooler trend. no rain in the forecast. clouds on wednesday. last week was productive for rain. much needed. 3 and 4 inches in the heavier locations. snow in the mountains. 5 feet. this week will not offer the same. what it will offer is allergies. they are killing me.
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>> my eyes. >> mine too. >> tree pall republicans going nuts. >> pollens are going nuts. [ talking at the same time ] >> thank you. a four-year-old dead and a chef injured in the same crash. the theory the chp is working on about one of the drivers in the deadly head on crash. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> a young girl lured off the playground and sexually assaulted in a car and she isn't the first. >> specifically after six-year- old girls. going on to campus. >> what parents say officials knew before the latest assault they didn't tell the community. >> these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m. 's my? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. back now to breaking news on the fire in san jose. firefighters are still on the scene where one home has been destroyed. two others were damaged. several cars were also burned. there is new concern that a capped gas leak may still be leaking. crews are working to make sure no gas is collecting that could lead to an explosion. the fire is now contained but it appears to still be smoldering a little bit. a dozen or so people were evacuated and they have not been allowed to return to the area. they are held at an evacuation center at a middle school. the california highway patrol is drying to determine how a head on crash happened.
5:26 pm
a little boy died and a chef was injured. the four-year-old boy and his mother was passengers in a car that crossed into traffic yesterday at highway 121 and 12 and it collided by a car. the chp says the driver of the chevy may have fallen asleep at the wheel. the boy did not survive. his mother suffered major injuries. u.s. companies quickly snapped up 85,000 work visas to get workers into the united states next year. officials began accepting applications on april 1 for visas and within several days they were all spoken for. this is one of the reasons companies are lobbying for companies are lobbying for immigration reform. some high tech leaders say with the legislation stalled they
5:27 pm
should increase the number of available visas. the bay area woman missing for a week and tonight her family is holding on to hope. [ indiscernible ] [ crying ] >> her parents tearful plea to find their daughter a who went for a hike and never came home. >> officials are calling covered california a success but is it? >> and later caught in the act. the efforts to find a woman seen stealing a laptop in a busy bay area coffee shop. the great american novel.
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so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. she said she was going for a hike and never returned home now the parents of a bay area woman missing for a week are making a emotional plea. >> if you have any information, scene her or know somebody who did please call the number
5:31 pm
given. >> 33-year-old was last seen a week ago sunday and today her distraught parents flew in from the east coast. we get new developments from ktvu's noelle walker. where search and rescue crews out again today? >> reporter: no there wasn't a formal effort going on. at the top of mount tamalpais you get how big it is from the air, the ground, the dogs. we talked to her parents two hours ago. they were desperate for anyone who has seen her to come forward. there are no words to describe what it is like to know your child is missing, no matter how old. >> she is a very strong person. she loves hiking.
5:32 pm
>> magdalena glinkowski came to hike a week ago sunday at mount pleasant. these are photos on march 30 as she paid for parking. her car now impounded by the sheriff. >> we don't know if she volunteer lost, if she is a victim of foul play but right now she is just lot. the family went out with rangers who gave them a sense of the trails. and a sense of the search that covers this area where she could be. over the weekend search and rescue volunteers stopped visiters and scoured mount tamalpais but found nothing. with so little known the search area cover as lot of ground. 26,000 acres on mount
5:33 pm
tamalpais. >> there is still plenty of other areas out there. >> reporter: 200 miles of trails. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: looking for a woman who left no trail. her father said she used to belong to a hiking club and if anyone from the clubs remembers her or remembers a favorite spot they would like to hear from you, call your local authorities. reporting live on mount tamalpais, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. a sick baby girl rescued at sea is responding well to medication. they were rescued from their disabled sail boat yesterday. new pictures though the international guard as they helped get the family aboard a navy war ship.
5:34 pm
the family was attempting to sail around the world when she became sick and the boat lost steering and communication abilities. the police chief says canine police officer matthew switzer resigned from the force. he is accused of stealing prescription drugs from senior citizens. he turned himself in last week and due in court tomorrow. matthew switzer is charged with two counts of burglary and elder abuse. today the mayor of concord spoke about the case. >> we are doing what we can to make sure that we uphold the law. we have great officers that go out on the streets every day oprovide excellent service -- to provide excellent service and public safety. >> matthew switzer had been on paid leave since february and being investigated for illegally obtaining prescription drugs. the man arrested for ramming a stolen car into a
5:35 pm
police officer is identified as jose lopez. it happened 4:00 p.m. last friday on ellis street. police say he crashed into a taxi while trying to evade officers and that is when he hit one of the them. the officer was treated at the scene. new at 5:00 p.m. one week after the deadline to sign up for covered california 3 million people are now ensured but some say the program fell short of a success. one -- ktvu's cristina rendon explains why they still don't have insurance. >> reporter: he cares whether or not his patients have insurance. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: he encouraged people to sign up under covered california. there was a last minute surge
5:36 pm
in latino enrolements. >> -- enrollment. >> 26.3% of latino enrolled by march 31 compared to whites. and 11% chose spanish as their first language. >> i think the lack of information just was not getting out there. >> he feels more spanish speaking workers were needed. >> to me that is a system of the disease. in other words, that is a system that the process was not working. >> it makes sense. you know, i would be worried myself. >> she feels the state did good. she signed up for coverage. >> it is not a good feeling because you are worried about physicals and dental also. >> reporter: latino are a target for the program because they are younger and healthier, off setting the cost for caring
5:37 pm
for the elder. the state says they are still processing applications and expect the numbers to rise. >> there is good numbers recently and there is hope and we are gaining ground. >> the state is extending the deadline till april 15 for those who had issues signing up. final enrollment numbers will with be re-- will be released next week. cristina rendon, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details on the affordable care act empath on people across the county. -- impact on people across the county. the uninsured rate is at the lowest level since 2008. on you will find a section on covered california and the affordable care act. we posted a link under hot topics. twitter is betting on android and buying a andro only
5:38 pm
app that is called cover. the start up was launched six months go and voted one of the best apps of 2013. it says the two companies are joining because they believe in the potential of android. continuing to follow breaking news out of the south bay, one home destroyed ptwo damaged in a -- two damaged in a fire and a possible gas leak in the area. >> also later emotional testimony by a former olympic athlete accused of killing his girlfriend. >> i can't imagine the pain and the sorrow and the emptiness i have caused you and your family. >> his message to her family. >> first a teacher attack as student on campus and it is all caught on camera. the apology from the school superintendent and what led up to this confrontation. cool dog, what's his name.
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[mom] you've got two left feet,boo. the powerful message student will find hard to ignore. real life crash scenes staged on a football field at a high school, part of a program called every 15 minutes. students were confronted with the harsh consequences while driving while impaired or distracted. >> we have a crash scene set up. one represents dui drunk
5:42 pm
driver, the other car is kids texting. >> the scenario included police officers, first responders and a healthcare. and throughout the -- helicopter and throughout the day students were pulled out of class to represent the students killed by alcohol. organizers say it is an emotional program that grabs the students. >> i know from a heart of a mom this makes a difference. it makes them choose a distracted driver. makes them go home in a cab. stay the night. and we are hoping it will teach them about texting and driving. that is the next greatest killer they will be facing. >> the students are spending the night at a retreat. tomorrow there will be a funeral assembly, it will include speakers effected by drunk driving. santa monica school superintendent is apologizing for negative comments about a
5:43 pm
teacher who tackled a student in class. >> several students recorded the altercation. witnesses say the teacher caught the student selling destruction they wrestled after the student punched back. the superintendent said she would not have condemned his behavior without considering the behavior of the student and that preadjustment is wrong. she said he will remain on leave pending the results of an investigation. bay area community in shock tonight after a gruesome discovery. >> i couldn't believe that somebody got killed. homicide. right at the park. >> tonight new information about the victim and what investigators say may have happened to her. >> then caught in the acted. a lap stop stolen in a busy bay area coffee shop. more of this video coming up. >> i am back right after the break. heating up tomorrow.
5:44 pm
temperatures get into the mid- 80s. i will show you where.
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5:46 pm
the number of people killed in the mudslide in washington state is 33. the medical examiner also says three sets of remains are still unidentified. the sheriff's department revised the number of missing down oo 12 as they continue a search for more bodies in the
5:47 pm
mud and debris. new information in the killing of a woman whose body was found dumped near oakland lake merritt. a discovery over the weekend left one community in shock. ktvu's claudine wong is live at police headquarters after talking with the woman's family. >> reporter: police have now identified the victim as kimberley robertson but they don't know what happened to her, and who is responsible for her death. >> reporter: on park boulevard this morning a rose and a handwritten message saying rest in peace marks the spot where her body was found saturday morning. a bicyclist found her before 7:00 a.m. and one witness told me a small group stopped hoping to help. telling me as they waited for police they tried but couldn't wake her up. as the morning went on news of
5:48 pm
the crime began ospread. >> -- to spread. >> i saw it on the news. i couldn't believe that somebody got killed. a homicide at the park where everybody plays basketball. and, you know, the kids play. >> reporter: police are trying to figure out what happened. they don't know if the body was left there or if she was killed there. she is from texas. family tell me she was looking for work and the mother of a little girl. she lived in east oakland. one family member told me the last time she was seen she left a nightclub and got into van. no one knows what happened next. >> reporter: she was found at 6:40 a.m. in the morning. people we talk to tell us crime is a problem in the area and they would like to see a
5:49 pm
greater police presence. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. back now to breaking news on the fire that broke out this afternoon in san jose. and has destroyed one home and damaged two others as well as several cars. it all happened on moss brook circle. firefighters are working to make sure a gas line that was fueling the fire is capped. they want to make sure the gas in the air dissipated and isn't trapped in pockets that could cause an explosion. the fire is contained but not completely out just yet. it broke out before 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. there are still about a dozen people who have been evacuate to a middle school and at this point they have not yet been allowed to return to their homes. people saying it felt like summer today. let's go now to our chief meteorologist bill martin. welcome back. it is warm out there. >> it is really warm. temperatures up from yesterday 5 and 10 degrees and it will
5:50 pm
warm again tomorrow. temperatures back into the 80s and mid-80s in the warmest spot, even upper 80s. right now, weak weather system out there. high pressure is the story for us and the high pressure sets us up with coastal fog that shows up wednesday morning, wednesday night. we will look for that. a peak here, you can see the current numbers. 80s. 70s around the bay. even san francisco 70 degrees. the winds tomorrow will start coming more on shore. into the afternoon and evening and wednesday more on shore. more of a westerly direction. that will usher in slight cooler into the next few days. beautiful right no fog to talk about. breezy on the bay. san francisco 54 degrees. san jose it is 82 degrees. so it is pretty warm. high pressure is going to stay with us. but it is not going to be strong enough to push the fog
5:51 pm
away. valleys very warm but the breeze will keep the coastal sections and boundaries, around the bay slightly cooler. warmer inland. cooler at the coast and bay. beautiful day. after that more on shore flow, more clouds and cooler weather. you will see that in five-day forecast. tomorrow morning, tomorrow night. there is the clouds. some will be fog as well. highs 82 fairfield. 81 sonoma. mid-80s antioch and brentwood. 85 morgan hill. 87 gilroy. numbers are coming up. tree pollg off right now. if you are bothered it is because the trees are hitting. after last week's rain and the warmth, they come out big time. lots of pollens trending high. look at the trees. that is how it goes.
5:52 pm
tomorrow another tough pollen day and lacking for temperatures to -- looking for temperatures to trend down after that. just not as warm as tomorrow. >> thank you. signs of a better economy in the east bay. plus -- >> wake up and i -- [ indiscernible ] >> olympician oscar pistorius breaks down -- olympian oscar pistorius brakes down, what he said that caused him to lose it. >> julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> parents say they are outraged at school officials after a girl was lured off grounds by a predator. the delayed warning after previous sexual assaults and the public comments that have parents concerned. and compaced cars turned upside
5:53 pm
down. and the decision one company made after finding one of their cars with its wheels in the air. these stories and much more coming up new at 6:00 p.m.
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a daring theft at a coffee shop caught on tape yesterday afternoon at 4:30 p.m. in downtown san francisco. keep your eye on the woman in the striped shirt. as one customer sets her things
5:56 pm
down, you can see the woman eyeing her belongings. she steps in and makes off right there with the macbook and her iphone. peninsula man landed himself in jail. the 31-year-old pleaded no contest today to felony commercial burglary. he admitted to stealing electronics on march 26 from a restaurant. minutes earlier he gave his phone number to a bartender in an attempt to score a date. she spotted him during the burglary. he was sentenced to 90 days in jail. continuing covererable of the -- coverage of the trial of oscar pistorius. he took the stand today delivering emotional testimony of the shooting death of his girlfriend. oscar pistorius choked up and sobbed as he gave his version
5:57 pm
of the deadly shooting. >> after weeks of testimony from experts and witnesses, oscar pistorius is finalally getting a chance to -- finally getting a chance to tell his story. he is accused of murdering reeva steenkamp. he said he shot her by accident and apologized to her family. >> i would like it apologize. [ indiscernible ] >> there hasn't been a moment since this tragedy happened that i haven't thought about your family. i wake up every morning and you are the first people i think of, pray for. >> reporter: he looked shaken as he recalled the details of his relationship with reeva steenkamp and speak about his -- spoke about his strong religious background. >> i put faith in the lord to get where i wanted to be and
5:58 pm
when i -- [ indiscernible ] the trial was adjourned early after oscar pistorius complained of exhaustion. the next two days could make or break his defense. >> i thought he was being genuine. how often have we heard an accused murderer say i am sorry. that never happens. >> reporter: concord is showing strong signs of economic recovery. several new businesses opened in the downtown area. the city is also renewed its contract with live nation. the company is putting up $3.7 million to open the new pavilion. >> it is just all a part of conquered coming together to show there is recovery and we are on the road to recovery. >> the city is in talks with other businesses looking to
5:59 pm
move into the downtown area. >> reporter: virgin america rated the top american airline. they beat out the four biggest airlines which all made the list. the report was released today by researchers who based their findings on on time performance, baggage handling, rate of passengers bumped and complaints. the school dropped the ball and didn't warn them after a child was sexually assaulted. >> three six year olds. >> the alert that parents say could have made a difference. >> a home destroyed by a fire, and a rude awakening for smart car owners. the impact the prank could have that has drivers and police saying they have gone too far. complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this
6:00 pm
is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. three girls all in elementary school targeted and sexually assaulted. now parents are questions why the school didn't do more to warn them. good evening. julie haener is here now for what we are working on for 6:00 p.m. >> parents are calling for better communication from the oakland school district after a string of sexual assault said targeting elementary school students -- alts targeting elementary school students. ktvu's allie rasmus spoke to parents who said they weren't told about the attacks for days. >> police are looking into the possibility the same man may be behind all sexual assaults. this is a sketch of what the suspect might look like. parents think they would have liked to seen this sketch months ago. >> reporter: three sexual assaults involving three different girls at three elementary school. the most recent on march 28 when police say


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